This Browser Extension Pays You for Your Everyday Shopping

//This Browser Extension Pays You for Your Everyday Shopping

This Browser Extension Pays You for Your Everyday Shopping

2020-10-08T18:09:00+00:00 October 6th, 2020|

These days, we’re all tightening up our belts and trying to save money any way we can. But just because money’s tight, doesn’t mean we can stop buying essentials like food, clothing, toiletries, paper towels, and the like.

You can, however, shop for these things in a smarter way!

The Earny Browser Extension helps you earn cashback on the things you’re already buying.

Do you already use a cashback rewards credit card? Earny gives you cashback in addition to the rewards your credit card already offers.

How does this work?

Retailers like Bloomingdales, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, and many more pay Earny to help drive more customers to their online stores. Then Earny shares a large portion of their commission with you. So, not only are you getting the ~2% cashback from your credit card, but you’re also earning up to 20% cashback from Earny every time you shop! You can cash out your rewards directly to your PayPal account so you’re literally getting paid to shop.

How do I get cashback too?

Simple. Just install the Earny Browser Extension in your Google Chrome browser, activate it with one click when you start shopping, and Earny will start automatically generating cashback rewards as soon as you checkout.

What are you waiting for? Add the extension now and start earning money while you shop!