Saving Money on Food Delivery during COVID-19

//Saving Money on Food Delivery during COVID-19

Saving Money on Food Delivery during COVID-19

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How smart shoppers save on Food Delivery

Remember the days when ordering pizza was pretty much the only food delivery option that existed? We would order pizza once every other month, tops. However, with restaurants closed and social distancing, ordering food has become a necessity. Data shows that the average household orders food via a food delivery app at least once a week.

If you are paying full price on getting food delivered you are doing something wrong. After reading this article and following these simple instructions, you should be saving hundreds of dollars per year on food delivery! Think about how many extra cheeseburgers you can get with that money.

Love cashback? Order on Uber Eats through Earny!

Uber Eats probably has the widest range of restaurants and options.
Another great advantage of using Uber Eats through Earny is that it doesn’t matter what credit card or debit card you use, you will save money!
How it works:

  • Login to your Earny app.
  • Go to the “Shop Tab“.
  • Click on the “Uber Eats5.3% cashback offer.
  • If you are seeing 2.6% cashback, you can subscribe and get double the cashback rate.
  • When the Uber Eats app opens up, order just like you normally do.

Cha Ching! That’s it. You are now getting cashback on your Uber Eats order.
Remember to do this before you make your next Uber Eats order. It’s your money! You deserve it!
If you Order Uber Eats once a week through Earny you are on your way to saving over $100 p/year! That’s a lot of money for clicking a button. There is no limit on this offer.

Do you have a Mastercard? Then order on Postmates!

Postmates gives you a $5 discount when you pay with a Mastercard.

We have been pretty impressed with Postmates so far. They have a wide variety of restaurants. Their service fees tend to be very low.
How it works:

  • Download the postmates app if you don’t already have it.
  • Open a free postmates account.
  • Add any World or World Elite Mastercard as your preferred payment method in Postmates. Don’t have a Mastercard? Get one here.

That’s it. You are all set! Now everytime you go to checkout and pay for your food delivery with your Mastercard an automatic $5 discount will be deducted from the total amount. No complicated statement credits and hassle. The $5 discount applies even before you pay. See screenshot below. Did I also mention that this benefit is UNLIMITED!?!?

The majority of Mastercards issued in the US are World or World Elite Mastercards so you should be covered.
* Note that the $5 only applies on Postmates orders over $25 (excluding taxes and fees).

If you have a Chase credit card, then order on Doordash!

Honestly, we tried doordash a few times, however we found the restaurant variety in our area rather limiting.
How it works:

Here’s what Chase cardmembers receive:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve – 1 Free year of Dashpass + $60 statement credit per year on doordash orders
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred – 1 Free year of Dashpass
  • Chase Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Freedom Student and Slate cardmembers – Complimentary DashPass for the first three months, followed by a 50% discount price at the current rate for the next nine months.

Doordash and Chase estimate that with Dashpass you will save an average of $4-$5 per order. 

Based on my calculation, by using a Chase card on doordash you will save $60-$240 per year on food delivery.

Bottom Line

During these difficult times, your money is more important than ever.
If you are paying full price when you order food, you are overpaying.
Don’t leave money on the table. Earny has your back.

Happy Earnings!