Consumers #LovePriceProtection

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Just two years ago, shoppers hardly used their credit card price protection. They were paying for a perk that was tedious to use, and that they never took advantage of. When we launched, we made it easy to use price protection for the first time ever, automating the process completely. Since then, shoppers have used this lucrative perk nonstop.

Who wouldn’t love a benefit that gets you money back whenever you overpay?

This benefit, which was buried in your card benefits package, now drives shoppers to switch their top-of-wallet card to one with price protection. We are changing the way consumers shop entirely. Price protection is now accessible to all, and consumers are feeling the gain. See how…

  • Millions of consumers have downloaded the Earny app, unlocking price protection benefits
  • Earny has filed millions of price protection claims to credit card issuers
  • Millions in dollars have been refunded to Earny users
  • Last year, more than $18 million has been paid to customers through Citi Price Rewind (
  • Overall, that is over $49,000 a day in refunds.

The trend.

The buzz around price protection has sparked consumers searching for this benefit. In the past 2 years alone, people searching for “price protection” has grown 5x in search volume (according to Google Search Volume Trends).

Good Morning America - Apps That Save You MoneyThe concept of price protection would not have had its moment if it weren’t for the numerous news outlets that showcased the power of this benefit, especially during the holiday season. In the last year, alone we have seen over 350 features about the benefit itself, from top publications across tv, print, and digital. This includes Business Insider, Forbes, Huffington Post, Fox Business, CNBC, Pymnts, TechCrunch, New York Times, and more. Top influencers such as Becky >Worley of Good Morning America, Farnoosh Toorabi as featured on LIVE! With Kelly Ryan are all personally taking advantage of these benefits, and recommending them as a tool for saving money.

Social chatter.

Social media discussions around “credit card price protection” have blown us away. Empowered by maximizing card benefits and the cash left on the table, consumers have expressed much excitement on social channels such as: Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Quora…

Price Protection Tweet Kristin LemkauPrice protection social features

The value.

So how is this card benefit disrupting consumer behavior? It’s simple. When shoppers choose which card to shop with, price protection is the deciding factor. This card benefit gets rid of the dreaded buyers remorse, so consumers can shop with confidence and never look back. As a result, we are seeing consumers change their top of wallet card from Amex Platinum to a slew of price-protected cards. All of this has our users expressing to us that this is the most USEFUL card benefit available. We couldn’t agree more.

It’s a no brainer why consumers #LovePriceProtection

Love Credit Card Price Protection