//Back to School Price Drops that will SHOCK YOU.

Back to School Price Drops that will SHOCK YOU.

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Back to School’ed out yet? We get it. All the deals to keep track of can get quite messy. While your friends are out chasing after every back to school sale and waiting in lines, Earny users have escaped the hustle and bustle, and are now proudly collecting their refunds.

After rigorous price drop tracking, we handpicked some of the most SHOCK worthy price drops across retailers.

We are talking CRAZY BIG drops on items perfect to get any college dorm room in check. So what does this really mean? These are all REAL refunds Earny got his shoppers…adding money in their pockets they otherwise would have never had. See some price drops below.


What’s Earny’s secret? Price protection! This benefit is offered by most retailer & credit card issuers that most people do not even know about. It allows Earny to track your items for up to 120 days (duration varies per retailer/issuer) . Earny then finds the perfect time to submit a claim & gets you your refund automatically. Here is a little tip, credit card price protection policies can help you get money back on items you purchase from retailers that do not have price protection policies (think Amazon!). Users who have a price protected credit card receive 10x more refunds.

Don’t have one? Click here to apply!

Ready to be shocked? Check out these crazy refunds below:

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